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Misunderstanding in the selection of wood pellet machine

Sawdust pellet machine is a kind of equipment for the production of biological pellet fuel, which has made outstanding contributions to environmental protection. As environmental inspections have become more and more stringent, more and more bio-pellet fuels have been invested in projects in recent years. There are more and more problems in the whole process of purchasing wood pellet machine equipment. I will take everyone to master some misunderstandings in the whole process of purchasing.

Misunderstanding 1: Because many customers have just mastered this manufacturing industry, they are not very familiar with this manufacturing industry. When purchasing pellet machine equipment, they want to choose pellet machine equipment with low output power and large production capacity, but if there is not enough driving force, how can the production capacity be achieved later? Therefore, in the case of purchasing pellet machine equipment, you should not just listen to some small and medium-sized enterprises to praise, you must personally visit the manufacturer to inspect, debug, and master before making a choice.

Misunderstanding 2: Only value the price of equipment. From ancient times to the present, the price is paid for. The high-priced goods are not necessarily the best, but the quality of the cheaply purchased products must not be easy to be the best. The effective price is that the manufacturer of the wood pellet machine can ensure the basic three-guarantee service and spare parts tracking of the customer's equipment, and it is the guarantee of the quality and the actual effect of the work. Although the low price has won the sales market and customers, it is just a little story of Deyuwangyun repeating the same mistakes.

Misunderstanding 3: don’t understand the equipment. Because the wood pellet machine is a high-power equipment, the motor, reducer, electrical cabinet, and installation dimension tolerances are very strict. Some manufacturers are in order to comply with customers with very low price. Just using the price to attract customers will cause the quality of the equipment to be unqualified. It is the customer who pays after the first payment. Therefore, the customer must observe the pellet machine equipment when purchasing the equipment to prevent fraud Fooled.

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