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What determines the crushing efficiency of wood crusher

Wood crushers are mechanical equipment used to crush wood. According to different product models, the output will vary. So what factors can affect the output of wood crushers?

1.The selection of raw materials: the wood crusher can crush a wide range of raw materials, a wide range of applications, and multiple functions. Different raw materials have different growth structures and material densities. For example, redwood, pine, etc. are less likely to be broken, while straw , weeds, etc. are easier to break, so the choice of materials has a great impact on the output of the wood crusher.

2.The moisture content of raw materials: too high moisture content not only makes the crusher pulverization rate reduced, but also the requirements of material particles are too small, it is easy to block the screen, so we dry the raw materials with too high moisture content and then crusher, it is easier to handle.

3.Particle size: This situation is not difficult to understand. The output of wood chippers is definitely higher than that of wood hammer mill. The finer the powder, the lower the yield. Product granularity also has a great impact on output. Wood that does not meet the requirements will be continuously crushed in the equipment until it is crushed into materials that meet the specifications before leaking from the screen.

4.Power issues: Considering power issues, blindly increasing power will not completely increase the output of the equipment, and may also damage the wood crusher. Therefore, different types of motors are generally equipped with suitable motors. When we buy wood crushers, The key is to consult a manufacturer whether it can match the required power.

The above is the information that we shared about the factors that determine the crushing efficiency of wood crushers. Since its establishment, ROTEXMASTER has successively developed many kinds of crusher, such as drum wood chipper, diesel/mobile wood chipper, disc wood chipper, multifunctional crusher, hammer mill. The wood crusher is durable, easy to operate, good working performance, low investment. If you have any related questions, you can consult us at any time.

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