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How to maintain the motor of the pellet machine

In the process of using the pellet machine, it is necessary to maintain the pellet machine regularly to make the pellet machine work normally, and also to protect and maintain the power system of the pellet machine regularly to avoid failure and ensure the smooth operation of the motor. How should the motor be maintained?

1. Always clean up the oil and dust on the motor. If the application environment is harsh and the dust is relatively large, it is recommended that we clean up the motor regularly every few days to ensure that the motor is cleaned and works smoothly.

2. Check the coupling of the transmission part of the equipment to see if there are some injuries or damages to the coupling. Damaged couplings will form a lot of dangers. Replace them in time, effectively avoiding many accidents.

3. Check the orientation of some fixed screws to see if they are loose. If it becomes loose, stop working, and the staff should tighten it in time to avoid accidents.

4. Bearings should be sorted in time after a period of use, replace lubricating grease and mechanical oil, and the frequency of sorting and replacement should be decided according to the working time of the motor. The frequency of sorting and replacing should be determined with the working time of the motor.


When we use the pellet machine, we must maintain its motor, because the motor is the driving force to drive the equipment. Once it is damaged, the equipment will not run. Therefore, it is necessary to master some methods of maintaining the pellet machine motor.

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