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Wood Pellets Ash

Wood pellets are made from refined raw materials, but even so, a residue is formed during combustion. The ash content of this fuel does not exceed 1%, which is much less than that of coal and ordinary firewood.

The use of processed wood pellets has made a great contribution to the protection of the environment, which is why it is preferred by more and more people. When large volumes are burned, ash remains from, contains many useful elements, therefore it is used in many areas.


For agriculture

Wood Pellet ash, which contains many nutrients necessary for plant growth, is a high quality material for the production of complex fertilizers. In theory, the best sustainable use of ash is in agriculture, forestry and soil. By returning directly to agricultural land or as fertilizer, you can not only reduce the use of artificial fertilizers, maintain nutrient balance and increase the nutrient composition of the soil, but also reduce the loss of minerals. In addition, it allows for nutrient recycling and sustainable use of biomass.


For architectural materials

In the architectural and acoustic industry, wood pellet ash can be used as a raw material for road or landscape construction and industrial engineering. In addition, the ash can also be used in the industrial production of brick material. Since this combustion residue contains a high pH and a high mineral content, it can play a good role in insulation.


For the gardening industry

The pellet ash obtained from environmentally friendly fuels promotes seed germination and root growth. Such fertilization can increase the temperature of the soil, keep it free and ventilated, and accordingly improve seed germination. Also, its use can reduce plant diseases and significantly improve their condition, prevent defoliation, and enhance photosynthesis. Since pellet ash contains iron, magnesium and other trace elements, it is also a kind of foliar fertilizer. It is able to delay flower fall, prolong flowering and improve the quality of the fruit.


The pellet ash is recommended for dry fruit trees with poor irrigation conditions. Wood Pellet Ash contains many potassium ions, so it can weaken the intensity of transpiration, increase drought resistance and heat resistance of trees.

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