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1. Q: Are you manufacturer of trading company?

A: We are manufacturer, also with marketing department and R&D center.

2. Q: I am newer to biomass industry, how to design the suitable plant?

A: Do not worry about that. We already helped many beginners. We provide optimal project design according to every customer’s needs.

3. Q: Do you offer installation and training?

A: Yes. We can dispatch technicians to customers’ site to help install equipment and train how to operate.

4. Q: How can you guarantee the after-sales service?

A: We have professional After-sales service center with experienced and skillful engineers. When problem of equipment occurs, our engineers will be assigned to your site to solve problems timely. Also spare parts can be provided timely due to oversea warehouses.

5. Q: Are there some machines in my area I can observe?

A: Bolida has machines in many countries, if there are machines in your country, we can contact the customer to arrange a visit for you

6. Q: Which kinds of raw material can be used for making pellets?

A:Sawdust (waste wood chips/shavings), other forest waste, agricultural straw, stalk, ,bamboo, peanut shells, rice husk, bagasse, alfalfa, palm fiber etc.

7. Q: What is the main process for making pellets?

A: Coarse Crushing Section(Splitter, Wood Chipper)—Drying Section—Crushing Section—Pelletizing Section—Cooling Section—Packing Section

8. Q: What is your work flow?

A: Inquiry—Quotation—Communication—Order Confirm & Payment Received—Production—Production Tracing & Inspection—Check Every Product—Book Vessel & Arrange Delivery—Documents Post/Telex Release—Customs Clearance—Arrange Delivery to Clients` Site—Discharge Goods—Arrange Installation & Debugging

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