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Precautions for operating wood pellet machine

In the process of operating the wood pellet machine, operator is not randomly selected, but some regular personnel must be selected for the job. Operators in the process of operating pellet machine is the need for certain precautions, so as to ensure the smooth operation of the equipment. Therefore, what are the precautions for the operators of the wood pellet machine? 

1. Workers should be familiar with the working principle of the pellet press and the structure and function of each part.

2. Workers wear tight-fitting work clothes, do not open cuffs, wear protective caps and dust masks, and must concentrate during operation.

3. Check whether there is any debris in the pellet maker and whether the screws are loose.

4. Start the motor without load before it can work.  It is strictly forbidden to reverse the direction.

5. It is strictly forbidden to open the door cover of the machine at will during the production process, and do not reach into the granulation chamber. The machine will generate high temperature after working. Do not touch the machine to prevent safety accidents.

6. The equipment must be grounded safely, and the main power supply must be disconnected when checking the machine.

7. Check and remove the metal on the magnetic separator at the entrance at any time during work, pay close attention to the working conditions, pay attention to the ammeter, and shut down in time if it is abnormal.

8. Add high-temperature grease to the roller bearing in time, usually every 3-5 days, the grease cost will be greatly reduced.

9. Use oil to go through the mold when it stops.

10. When not in use for a long time, throw out the materials in the mold and apply anti-rust oil.

Safe operation is the most important, we RotexMaster  will be responsible for each pellet machine customer. We'll bring you more news next time.

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