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How are wood pellets used

Wood pellets are usually used in 3 areas: heat supply, industrial boilers, and power generation.

● Used in home heating stoves

Wood pellets can be used in stoves, furnace, and fireplace to supply heat in winter. They are a better substitute for firewood. The pellet stoves can connect with pipes, boilers and heating radiators to form a heating system.

● Used in industrial boilers

Wood pellets can replace coal and natural gas in industrial boilers. They are cleaner than coals and cheaper than natural gas, although the boilers need to be transformed to adapt to wood pellet fuel.

● Used for power generation

Wood pellets can be burned to generate steam and drive the steam turbine.

How are wood pellets used(图1)

Besides, wood pelletscan be used for barbecue, cat litter, etc.

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