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Why not just burn wood residues

Wood pellets are a renewable, environmentally friendly and economically sustainable alternative to coal, firewood and more. It is a biomass product made from renewable substances - usually recycled wood waste. In Russia, many industrial enterprises and owners of private houses use pellets for heating, in autonomous stoves, fireplaces, furnaces and boilers. This energy source is also used for heating schools and hospitals.

Wood, wood chips, waste paper, as well as dozens of other agricultural products and by-products that can be used to generate energy are used as raw materials. 

It is a way to divert millions of tons of waste from landfills and turn it into energy. And in connection with the ecological situation in the world, this is very important.

A huge amount of unusable material remains in the forest area after processing natural wood. This material is rejected by manufacturers of high quality wood products, but is an ideal resource for wood pellet production.

Good fuel should burn for a long time and hot, this is just the case with pellets. But why not just burn wood residues?

Firstly, the moisture content of the pellets is significantly lower than that of untreated waste and chopped wood, which means that during use they will generate more heat and also burn faster.

Secondly, their density is also much higher than that of raw wood. Also, the high density will allow transporting large volumes of fuel and storing more fuel in a warehouse or bunker.

Third, the pellets are easier to handle. Their uniform shape and size allows for a smaller and simpler feeding system, which reduces costs.

Fourthly, wood pellets do not emit too much smoke when used. They are fireproof because they do not spark, unlike firewood. And also during combustion, harmful substances do not enter the atmosphere.

Fifthly, low ash content, which does not exceed 0.5%, will allow cleaning the furnace much less than when using coal and firewood.

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