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Misunderstanding of pellet mill lubricating

visiting pellet machine Lubricating places an important role in the maintenance of pellet mill, because suitable lubricating will prolong the lifetime of pellet mill and spare parts. Without well lubricating will not only reduce the production efficiency, but also stop to run the pellet mill sometimes.

In pellet mill operating, we should avoid some misunderstanding of the lubricating.

1. Please use new gear oil for reducer.

2. Different grade of lubricating oil used for different places in pellet mill.

3. For the lubrication,it is not the more the better.

To maintenance the pellet mill, we just need to add moderate amount of lubricating oil, if we use as more as we can, it will be a waste the lubricating oil and increase the production cost.
So, first you should check each point of the lubricating parts of pellet mill, to keep its clean and well and add the suitable grade of lubricating oil. Second on the basis of ensuring good lubricating, we do quantitative maintenance periodical. 2000-3000 hours running to be replaced the reducer lubricating oil. Do the recycling usage of the waste oil and avoid oil leakage when running. 

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